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WARNING....Be Prepared for what is coming your way...."Bootleg Blues Live!"

What "Big Mama", a.k.a. Jill West, says is going to happen....happens. (It is a Pittsburgh thing!)When she says that you have just had a "blues attack", she flat out means it. Even better, when the "boys" known as Blues Attack , (Hank Rafetto on bass, Nick Crano on drums, Steve Binsberger on the keyboards and Greg Krupa on guitar), say it's going to happen, you know it will be a party for sure. Especially....when all four get that mischievous smile and gleam in their eyes....hands down, it will be a fun "gig." Fasten your seat belts, blues fans, Jill West & Blues Attack just released "Bootleg Blues, Live!".

When Jill West, often referred to as the Queen of the Blues in Pittsburgh, held court at Moondog's on a cold wintery night, many fans and Blues Society of Western PA blues members gathered to participate in the Live version of the CD. "Bootleg Blues, Live!" breaks out of the starting gate with "Big Boss Man." It is a driving record and is an attention getter. It is a collection of Jill's best songs....and more. What is different about this Live CD?....well, it is like being at a live show ....but much, much better.   As always, Jill delivers a "rocking, dancing show" and sooner or later ....always asks the audience to participate. Yes, I did recognize some  of your voices on that CD. "Bootleg Live" is the "best of" but.....BETTER.

All but two of the cuts on this disc are up-tempo. Jill and "the boys" let  you catch your breath while Gregg  Krupa slows it down with his thought provoking, guitar scorching song, Whiskey. The other slow song.... "Damn your Eyes" was just as thought provoking. Sorry Etta fans but I was blown away by Jill's rendition of that song. Phil Brontz's soulful, eerie sax  on "Damn Your Eyes" delivered the one-two knock out on that selection. There were two new additions to the song list and two of my new favorites. The first: "Love her with a Feeling (by Pittsburgh's Tampa Red). Jill's sassiness  and the richness of her voice were skillfully layered  into that song, making it both suggestive and intriguing. The second: "Congo Square" (by Sonny Landreth). The song takes you on a "trip" to New can envision living in the moment while savoring the flavor of a time long gone era and experiencing the mystery and intrigue of the infamous Southern locale.

Throughout the CD, the listener gets a great taste of the Blues Attack Band. They are a very cohesive and talented group of guys. They are the "fabulous four"  that make Jill West, Jill West.....and why she has endured. Their sound has evolved over the years and never disappoints. Throughout the CD, new addition, Steve Binsberger  earned his title, Chairman of Boards, providing a full bodied, romping sound.  Adding  Phil Brontz to the mix was icing on the cake for this offering. Put all five together with Jill West at the helm....and it is a guaranteed good time!!!! Jill West says...."You have just had a Blueeees Attack." Do yourself a favor, get yourself a copy of Bootleg Blues Live! You will feel all the better for it....and so will all of your friends. ~Jonnye Weber

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Hear even a snippet of the amazing Jill West’s dynamic bluesy voice and you’ll understand why Pittsburgh blues band Jill West and Blues Attack has dominated the category of Best Blues Band in Pittsburgh for more than a decade. A blend of bold vocals, original keyboard compositions, hard-edged guitar and the heart-pounding rhythms of the drums have helped make Jill West and Blues Attack an unmatched force in the tri-state area. In February, West along with the four fellows who back this blues diva put out her latest CD “Bootleg Blues Live,” which will be available for purchase at the group’s upcoming shows.